In case of emergency… Kids White Pizza! :)


My youngest kid was feeling a bit sick earlier this week. To make him feel better I promised to make home-made pizza (his favorite!) Sadly, I spoke too soon. I only had a few (2 or 3) cherry tomatoes and no tomato paste. 😦  What could I do? White Pizza! My kids had never had white pizza and honestly, I had never made it at home. The challenge was there, right in front of me. After much encouragement and 10 online recipes later, I decided to come up with “my recipe.” By the time I was ready, the white pizza idea had become very specific… No vegetables. No greens. Just a simple white pizza. No more. No less.

So here it is.. A simple, white pizza. Perfect for those emergency moments!

Note: There is no pizza dough recipe in this post. With a sick kid at home, ‘thank  heaven’ for store-bought pizza dough! 🙂


Ingredients: Pizza dough (store-bought) – 1 per pizza, mozzarella cheese slices (enough to cover the pizza surface), a generous drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Oregano (Optional.)


Follow the store-bought pizza dough instructions for baking. Once the dough is on the pan, drizzle the olive oil on top of the dough. Place the cheese slices all over the pizza dough making sure the surface is covered. Sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper. Add oregano (optional.)

Bake according to store-bought pizza dough instructions and enjoy! 😉

Some tempting images follow…

Pizza baking “in the oven”..


Pizza is ready!


I added a quinoa salad to go with my serving. It was spectacular! I had to thank my kids for the great white pizza menu idea.. 🙂



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