Guava (Guayaba) Bread

Guava Bread – Roscones de Guayaba

In this blog post I simply want to celebrate and highlight the flavor combinations that guava (guayaba in Spanish translation) can bring to any dough-type pastry. Recently, I came across this account on Instagram and they make guava empanaditas. They allowed me to use this picture from their account. As someone who grew up around guava flavors, I appreciated that these guava pastries are available and made here in Colorado.

Guava has a sweet and tart flavor, and in my list of favorite things to use guava are Guava juice, guava pastry and obviously eating raw guava is the best! I do not see raw guava in Colorado, and I’d think Florida may have them in supermarkets (lucky!). The guava paste I use is imported by several wholesale merchants in New York and Florida, and I am thankful for that.

Here is the Instagram account where I found guava empanaditas, and I am giving them credit for the picture. This is their website:

My mouth is watering as I finish writing this post. If you have not yet tried it, I think this is one of those flavors that should be in your bucket list!

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