Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (1800-Present)


grilled ham cheese sandwich with copyright2Grilled ham and cheese sandwich can be quite common today. Wait until you read this post. This recipe has been around for quite some time. For the French it dates back to 1918, first referenced a croque-monsieur (croque French translation to English: ‘crunch.’) This is how it’s still called sometimes, even today.

The grilled ham and cheese sandwich is the base also for the delicious Cuban sandwich. Although the Cuban Sandwich deserves its own blog post, you could always upgrade your grilled ham and cheese sandwich to a Cuban Sandwich by choosing the right ingredients. For example, make sure you use French bread instead of sliced bread and add sliced or shredded pork and pickles to the sandwich. Keep the ham, since Cuban sandwich has both ham and pork. Another rarely known secret is that adding a little bit of ketchup inside the sandwich will give it that nice kick when grilling it.

Who doesn’t like a grilled sandwich? My favorite things about grilled sandwiches are that they’re so budget friendly and that they can be home made just the way you like them with your favorite breads and favorite combinations and that depending on how simple or fancy you make them they can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Next time you’re shopping at your local supermarket, remember this post and pick your favorite breads, deli and specialty cheeses and make your own personal grilled ham and cheese recipe. Most importantly, make it and share it with your loved ones. β™₯️




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