Month: January 2014

Super Bowl 2014 – 5-Minute Wasabi Crackers Apetizer

Thinking about this 2014 Super Bowl Sunday, I spoke to several friends looking for appetizer suggestions and this 5-Minute (literally) wasabi crackers appetizer caught my attention. I tried it at home and I am sharing the recipe with you. After going to so many Super Bowl parties maybe you’ve run out of options of what to bring or serve. This appetizer is unique, super easy, medium spicy, full of Asian flavors and low-budget.

Recipe (Yields 12 crackers. Multiply according to number of guests.)

Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon of cream cheese; 1 Tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds; 1 teaspoon of Soy sauce; Wasabi crackers; Wasabi mayonnaise (optional.)

1. Toast the sesame seeds until light brown.


2. Mix the cream cheese, toasted sesame seeds and Soy sauce until well blended.



WasabiCrackers13.  Spread over the Wasabi Crackers and serve.




1. Natural super markets and International food stores carry the Wasabi crackers. Most regular supermarkets carry the Wasabi mayonnaise in the Asian foods aisle.

2. You could add a dash of Wasabi mayonnaise to the cream cheese spread for your guests with a much spicier tooth.

I hope you agree that this 5-Minute Wasabi Cracker appetizer can help you relax, be ready with a lot of time to enjoy this 2014 Super Bowl. 🙂




Jump Rope for Heart Event


Click Here! Watch me Jump and do some cool tricks! I invite you to give today.

Kids supporting kids with heart disease is what’s at the ‘heart’ of the “Be a Hero Campaign.” I decided to join in a local school’s goal ending on February 28, 2014.  Kids are jumping for heart early in the morning to give for this cause. Across the world Moms and Dads make countless efforts to keep kids on healthy eating habits and routine exercise. Yet, a heart can stop working for many medical reasons and this is why the “Be a Hero Campaign” is there. This campaign gives kids a chance to continue on one day at a time.

I invite you to click on the above link under the image and go to the cartoon video and message. I have also temporarily added a menu item at the top of my blog page. The image and video link will be waiting, hoping you find it in your heart to make a difference. Be a hero and give today.

Note: If the cartoon video does not open on a new tab, you may use the back arrow on your browser to return to my blog. Thank you.

“Quiero Arepas” – Venezuelan Inspired Arepas


Owned by Igor (Venezuelan) and Beckie, “Quiero Arepas” food truck carries delicious ‘Arepas Venezolanas.’ Beckie told me their story. Igor used to bring Beckie Arepas Venezolanas to work. Daily observers of the daily lunch ritual grew curious and gave Beckie lots of positive feedback. At that point Beckie and Igor knew it was time to open their “Quiero Arepas” Food Truck business.

Their website ( is very well-organized. I was able to plan my trip and meet them at the Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Without regrets, I drove over 20 miles to try the Venezuelan Arepas, and I was not disappointed. 


I ordered a QUESO AREPA (cheese arepa), which to my delight was also vegan.


My husband ordered “LA HAVANA”, a classical arepa with pork and cheese.


I asked Igor if he was worried about the Latin food truck competition and he replied confirming their concept and winning edge. They don’t compromise, they are true to the Venezuelan tradition. In Venezuela, if you want an arepa you go to the areperia (an arepas food store.) It’s simple, honest, true and authentic, just like the arepas we enjoyed.

They promote fresh local products. They work hard to lower environment impact, not just by driving a natural gas truck but also by reducing human footprint. Check out the note posted at the bottom of their menu.





I also enjoyed their art! 🙂





We talked about Venezuela and Colombia, our rich culture, and how these two neighboring countries share corn flour as the main ingredient to diverse, exquisite meals. “Quiero Arepas” truly brings an authentic cultural experience.

Chai & Chai – Presents Guest Chef ..

IMG_20140116_201003_055 (1)Offering a fascinating concept, at the heart of the University of Colorado Medical Campus in Aurora Colorado, Chai & Chai stands out as the unique place to eat. Enas (from Jordan) and Kublai (from India) opened this world stage where Chefs from every corner of the world prepare authentic ethnic cuisine for lunch. For dinner one can rely on Indian and Arabian cuisine always.

IMG_20140116_201020_151 (1)

That said, the menu is “open”, but the theme is shared. Zucchini was the theme when I went to try them out. I was fortunate to eat Kusa-bil-laban and my husband had an Indian delight also made with zucchini. Tikka Masala and Dum Biryani were also part of our delicious feast!




Kublai explained that the origin of the name derived from the fact that while these two cultures are filled with rich lifestyle and language differences. Chai is the one word that brings them together. Both Indian and Arabian cultures enjoy Chai tea usually at the same time of day, and often.

For dessert they brought us Jilebi (Indian funnel cake) and a delicious Arabic sweet treat, Asabea Zenab.



The poster at the door announced an upcoming Thai event with Chef Sue of Siam. This Thai chef would be showcasing a 6-week program exploring Thai cuisine at lunch time. Among the dishes announced were: Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Massaman and Green Curry, Spring and Egg Rolls.

I was pleased with the food and the service, but most of all, with the family atmosphere. A family (Mom and Dad) behind the kitchen waved hello, as their son prepared a wonderful, fresh, warm Naan bread for us.


I would gladly go back and hopefully in time to taste Sue of Siam’s Thai cuisine or the next guest Chef. As Kublai explained, Chai and Chai is an ongoing project not at its 100% yet. If you want to know more about them, their website has cool pictures and Kublai keeps it updated with featured Chef’s information. I hope I can get to visit Chai & Chai again (; I truly enjoyed every bite! 🙂

Salad Recipe Collection – My Mom’s Potato Salad – 5 of 5

mom potato salad0

Mom’s potato salad bids good-bye to my 2014 salad recipe collection. It is, by far, the simplest and healthiest one I’ve ever tasted. I hope you agree with me. Simple fresh ingredients and very low amount of fat or heavy seasoning make this salad a healthy treat. Look for more health conscious blog posts now and then. It seems there is an increased awareness of healthy products in markets today. Every time I shop greater amount of healthy brands and products pop up in shelves and I am delighted to be a part of that ‘balanced’ way of feeding myself and loved ones. For example, price of vegetarian fed, cage free eggs are lower than a few months ago. That is what I included in this salad recipe, as I use those regularly at home now.


Yields 1 serving. Multiply portions per person at your table.

1 potato (russet potatoes work great.)

4 Tablespoons of cooked peas and carrots (fresh or frozen.)

1 Egg.

1 Tablespoon of olive oil mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Peel the potato and cut it in chunks. Boil until it is soft. Transfer to a cup while draining the liquid. Cook the peas and carrots and transfer to another bowl while draining the liquid. Boil the egg, cut in chunks. Chill each ingredient in its separate bowl in the refrigerator.

mom potato salad1


When each of them is cold, then mix them and add mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

mom potato salad2

mom potato salad3

mom potato salad4


My Mom’s potato salad is the simplest, most enjoyable, delicious treat! 🙂