Coffee is one of my weaknesses. I love coffee warm (or hot) best! Coffee shops offer cold drinks which are very nice and I enjoy them every once in a while, but I still prefer my traditional cup of hot coffee.

This picture shows me (look at the metal part of the machine) taking a picture while the coffee machine finished a delicious cup of cappuccino for me. It was delicious!

I come from a family of coffee drinkers and my Dad’s routine included waking up at 4am and preparing his own coffee brewed on the stove. All in my family started having coffee as soon as jobs started. My husband and I love coffee as well, and we make it a point to buy good coffee to brew at home. Colombian coffee has been our favorite always. This cup of cappuccino was made with Colombian coffee by the way. Every time we travel we look for coffee and we like to try new flavors and strength levels, and we always end up with Colombian coffee being our favorite.

I don’t have a coffee cake recipe or any recipe of my own to share. I am not a fan of tiramisu as for me coffee is best as a hot drink. Therefore I will share my favorite things to put in coffee and other tips.

  • Add a drop of an aperitif, your favorite one, to coffee, instead of sugar.
  • Instead of adding cold packets of cream to black coffee, I add low-fat milk and then heat up the coffee for 30 seconds in my microwave.
  • Brown sugar is my favorite to add to sweeten my black coffee.
  • I am not a fan of spiced coffee, but I do like a very little bit of nutmeg or all spice on it.

In the end, in all honesty, my best thing to do is to have a delicious cup of coffee with a friend! 🙂



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