A View into My Beach {with Lemonade}


A glass of cold fresh home-made lemonade at my patio.
The view of Cartagena Bocagrande Beach.

Growing up we had a magnificent view into our wonderful Cartagena beaches. This is where memories pause at a joyful standstill. Regardless of what was happening at home, good or bad, I knew where to go. There was a place for me at the beach, every time. No sadness, no regrets. Simply, there was a deep understanding. I belonged there, by the beach.

Shimmering blue-lilac water colors wave at tall buildings. Beautiful beach homes line up, gazing reverently at the shore. How sweet it is to remember the fragrance of the breeze and the salty air.

These memories are crucial to my survival as I write miles away from home. Without a doubt, this is my honest attempt to make these memories permanent, present, eternal. At least, until I can go back home again, hopefully soon. Much soul time, peace and quiet is yet to be enjoyed there, at the beach.

Fresh fruits and refreshing drinks were the perfect addition to the joy of being at home by the beach. Freshly made lemonade was a daily treat at home. A perfect compliment to the space, the view, the company and surroundings.



Some may find pleasure in travel, others in shopping, others in a day at the spa. My happiness lies in simply making these memories last. A fresh home-made lemonade has the magical power to make this real with every sip.

Here is Mom’s simple Freshly Made Lemonade recipe:

Ingredients: 1 Lime per person; 2 Tablespoons of sugar per person. Ice 🙂



Cut the lime into pieces and squeeze them into the glass where you’ll be serving it. If you are making more than one serving then find a nice glass jar! 🙂



Add sugar, water and mix well.



A simple delicious fresh lemonade is ready to serve and enjoy! 🙂



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  1. Nicky says:

    It’s so true that a taste, a smell or a sound can trigger your memories and transport you to that special place…if only for a moment…thank you!


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