Coffee {Ergo, Happy}


Oh, coffee! To paint a good picture, think “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow” by Fleetwood Mac, “I can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash  and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The optimism in the lyrics is food for my soul. Coffee has that exact effect on me.

Overwhelmed, confused, even in state of panic, there are days when I wonder why I commit to so much. When the frustration becomes overbearing, I surely find peace in a simple cup of coffee.

Being from Colombia, coffee is a daily must, a daily reset. At home everyone has their daily coffee ritual. Mom and Dad used to prefer their coffee simply black (something like espresso.)  My husband and I have a latte every morning at home as we prepare for the day. If we go out to a coffee-house, then cappuccino for me please. 🙂

Home-made cappuccino

Black, espresso, cappuccino, latte. It does not matter. I enjoy each kind just as much. I grew up used to the oddest thing too: A nap after coffee. Yes, I would fall asleep immediately. 🙂

A few days ago I was starting to feel some aging signs and besides coffee I wanted a blue sky. I found it, literally, when my daughter and I took our puppy for a walk around the block. Beautiful!


Perfect Blue Sky

Perfect Blue Sky with a Tiny Cloud.

Coffee = Blue Sky. Every now and then I am blessed to get both. 🙂


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  1. Dave says:

    I love your post!


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