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My Turkey Stuffing recipe

One of my favorite sides on Thanksgiving this year was the stuffing. I created my own recipe this year and it came up great! Here I’m sharing it with you. This stuffing recipe is to be cooked outside of the turkey so you may prepare it ahead of time, which is an added bonus for me.


1 apple, 4 chicken sausages, 1 cup pitted green olives ( any kind), 1 cup dried cranberries, 1/2 cup of mixed nuts ( sunflower seeds, almonds and pecans), 1 cup Sherry cooking wine, 1/4 cup chicken broth, toasted bread crumbs for stuffing. 1 TBSP Oregano and Salt and pepper to taste.


Cook the sausage in a heated pan with a tablespoon of oil. When it’s starting to brown add all other dry ingredients. Add oregano, salt and pepper. Mix well. Then, add the Sherry wine and the broth. Let it cook until it simmers for a little bit (5 to 10 minutes) and add more wine if you notice the mix is too dry. It will be done when all liquid has been absorbed. At this point it’s ready to serve.

Enjoy! 🙂

One of the things I like the most about this recipe is the apple and how it absorbs the sherry wine flavor and the extra punch of flavor from the green olives. This really came out as a great stuffing!


Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Train Ride – Southwest Dining – 4 of 4



I had to let you in on this gem of the Southwest of Colorado, the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Train Ride. First, it took me a while to get back to my blog. I had been busy getting settled into work and life overall.

This train ride takes you through breathtaking views. There is a stop at a western style cafeteria place that was great! We had many choices for our meal and dessert. This concludes my Southwestern Dining posts.


A View of the Tracks from the Train


 The menu was Thanksgiving inspired with Turkey or meatloaf.  We went for turkey. It was delicious!





Turkey Plate



The Western Restaurant


Coconut Pie


Chocolate Cake


Apple Pie


Chocolate Cake

Here are some more pics of the Scenic Ride


IMG_2216 IMG_2338 IMG_2351


Bye! Until the Next Adventure! 🙂