Guava (Guayaba) Bread

In this blog post I simply want to celebrate and highlight the flavor combinations that guava (guayaba in Spanish translation) can bring to any dough-type pastry. Recently, I came across this account on Instagram and they make guava empanaditas. They allowed me to use this picture from their account. As someone who grew up around…

Shrimp Favorite Recipe

This is my favorite shrimp recipe of all time! I love it because it’s delicious but also because it’s soooo easy! You’ll see what I mean. Ingredients Deveined raw Shrimp, garlic cut in pieces or mashed, Butter, Parsley and salt. Directions: Place the deveined raw shrimp in a plastic resealable bag with the garlic ….

Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookies

Doubletree chocolate chip cookies are amazing!! A Must Bake! I’m in awe! These cookies were baked by my daughters! They used the Doubletree Hilton chocolate chip cookie recipe. Hilton shared their secret recipe when the coronavirus pandemic started. Thank you Doubletree Hilton!! They are amazing and they taste just as wonderful as they look! Simply…

Keto Recipes

I started a Keto diet a month ago or so. From all the diets I have been in this is the one that’s been most effective. I’ve lost 7 pounds in one month! The diet is based on fats and proteins and very low carbohydrates intake. I’m happy about the fact that I’m never hungry….