Yuca ( Cassava)

Yuca or Cassava

Latin American cuisine knows yuca very well! I was thrilled to see that my local supermarket here in Colorado is selling it raw. 

Yuca is a tuber very much like the potato. However yuca is king for me and most of Latin American cuisine. It has a wonderful texture, it’s great for “sancocho” ( Colombian soup filled with multiple meats and cooked slowly for many hours.) To help illustrate, maybe our dear Louisiana gumbo may be a distant cousin of Sancocho.

To enjoy yuca you don’t need to cook a stew like sancocho, since yuca goes well with grilled beef or chicken and it’s perfect with scrambled eggs or omelets. Also, if you can get to some Latin American cheese (Mexican, Peruvian or Colombian) then yuca and cheese is the best snack! 

The recipe for boiled yuca is very simple.

Peel the yuca and wash well. Set enough water to boil but make sure you add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 white onion in big chunks. It will boil for at least 30 minutes but you will know it is done when you take a knife and it goes through easily. Texture should be soft.

Some like to fry yuca after it’s been boiled and serve as a side to a meat ( beef or chicken) , instead of potato fries. 

I hope you may find it and try it sometime. It’s my favorite! 


Smokin’ Moe’s – Best BBQ in Winter Park, CO


Juicy Chicken Barbecue. It’s a delicious smoked BBQ half chicken which they smoke and then finish on the grill.

We ordered their smoked BBQ half chicken which they smoke and then finish on the grill.


Yep! Best Bar-B-Que I’ve had. The place is great with a relaxed atmosphere and fun decor. I will share some of the pictures of the funny, smart remarks all around the place. First, a bit about how we found this gem. We were driving back from Estes Park, CO so by the time we hit Winter Park we were starving! We stopped at the welcome center and they recommended a few places, among which was Smokin’ Moe’s. BBQ sounded great and there we went!

Besides the BBQ chicken, we also ordered HICKORY SMOKED BBQ BRISKET, tender slices of beef brisket, smoked for half a day!


Beef Brisket – no one waited for the perfect picture, they jumped right in! 😉

The Colorado Elk Burger had the same fate as the beef brisket, I couldn’t get to it before everyone started to take big bites out of it. 🙂


Moe’s Cuban Sandwich.

Cuban Sandwich_0

Cuban Sandwich – I said “I will snap your hands if you touch the plate before I take this picture!”

We had to have dessert, so we ordered something to share.


Cheesecake. Loved it!

See here how much we loved it…


Here are some fun pictures that I am sure will put a smile on your face. 🙂







It was so delicious and so much fun! Great family place, outstanding customer service and excellent food too. We are so glad we stopped at Smokin’ Moe’s, we had a great dining experience! 🙂