Tikka Masala


My family loves Tikka Masala, and I love to go and eat out at our local Indian restaurant and order it. Last time I visited the Indian restaurant near our home I received a list of 8 levels of spiciness. They were: Mild, mild medium, mild hot, medium hot, hot plus, spicy, spicy plus. It was quite entertaining to see the waiter changing the expression of her face as we asked about spicy and spicy plus. I am sure she was able to predict that we could not go past mild medium. 🙂 Surely enough! We took her recommendation and ordered mild medium and I have to say that was delicious and fiery hot indeed!

While the experience of going out and eating at an Indian restaurant is very nice, I have found local supermarkets that carry all the sauces and spices you need to make this delicious dish at home. Check your local supermarket in the International aisle. I bought the Tikka Masala mix for the sauce and the spices came in a separate package. I have to admit that it was very nice. The package normally also gives you the recipe or at least it has enough explanation that it will be very easy to put it together.

Now, let’s talk about Naan bread. There is no way I am serving Tikka Masala without adding a warm piece of naan bread for dipping into the Tikka Masala sauce. I have a skillet recipe for naan bread which is very easy to make. However, again, my local supermarket carries an excellent brand of Naan Bread and all I really need to do is warm it up in the toaster 3 minutes before serving.

I love to cook new recipes and I love to try new menus from around the world. However, I have to say that Tikka Masala is my favorite! Also, now that my supermarket carries the mix, it’s easy for me to impress friends and family by inviting them to Tikka Masala and Naan bread without really having to do a lot of cooking. I’m definitely “Thankful” for my local supermarket.

This is my photography and that is my daughter’s hand serving a delicious spoonful of rice and getting ready to enjoy her Tikka Masala! 🙂


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