Southwest Dining – Navajo Tacos, Cherry Pie. Oasis – Sand Dunes – 2 of 4

Cherry Pie
Navajo Tacos


The best Navajo Tacos in a hidden treasure. OASIS is a family restaurant with great food and great service. We ordered the Navajo tacos, among other things. The desserts are the best part. Grandma’s recipe has been around for 70 years (possibly) and it shows in every bite!

We had to try the cherry pie and the pecan pie. Here are some pics! Enjoy!

Chicken Burrito

We had a great day at Mesa Verde and this place was the perfect complement after a day of sledding and hiking the majestic sand dunes.



Their decor was fabulous matching the landscape in this beautiful area of Colorado.





We were so lucky to have been here and meet the people behind this great place! 🙂


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  1. Desiree Dizon says:

    Hi Ana!

    Looks delicious. Where is the restaurant? Tried to look it up online, and found info for a place on 15th and market in Denver. Wasn’t sure if this is the same one you visited. Tell the kids hello! Thanks!



    1. Hi Desiree,
      I am glad you liked the post. The restaurant is on the way to the Sand Dunes Park, and it’s in the same building as the place where you rent the sleds. 😉

      They are family owned and a true gem! Thanks, I passed on the message to the kids and they say hi back… Anna misses you! Hope all is going well.


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