My Spring (Fruit) Garden

Blooming Apple Tree

My spring fruit garden is starting to wake up.  This is our blooming apple tree! It is absolutely fantastic. Nature comes back stronger each year, promising delicious, abundant harvests! A few years ago we planted two kinds of apple trees and the tags are nowhere to be found. I’ll need to see them growing back to remind myself to make a tag and attach them securely to the trees this year. 🙂

Apples are simple, elegant and light. They’re excellent ingredients for desserts. There are at least five apple recipes that come to mind. For example, quite a few lamb and pork recipes can easily make apples the stars of the show. Apples also have a way of turning any dull salad into an exciting adventure. The apples in the Cartagena Fishermen Salad give a sweet crispness to this delicious dish.

Here are a few more pictures from our Spring garden…

Blooming Bush
Blooming Flower Tree
Blooming Lilac

Those of us with ‘teen’ temperatures during winter truly learn to appreciate the Spring bright green. Perennial fruit gardens are especially a joy to watch! Hopefully soon I can pick some peaches, apples, grapes and blueberries and cook up some fun recipes. Spring is definitely my favorite season!  🙂


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