“All About Chocolate”, a book and chocolate


My 3rd grader somehow managed to take me into his reading class and into “All About Chocolate”, the book. The task: Complete the book review and bring a chocolate treat to share. 🙂

Last week was my busiest week, but somehow my kid kept reminding me to make sure we had something with chocolate for his class. He already knew he wanted to bring chocolate strawberries. We went to the store and got a very simple couple of ingredients: Strawberries and melting chocolate. Probably everyone knows this recipe already. However, I was amazed at how little time this recipe took as I was able to put it all together in 5 minutes. Our goal was to have 14 strawberries ready to go by 7:55am, and we did it! When it was all done, three thoughts occupied my mind…

  • 1) I should NOT panic when it comes to being a part of my kids’ school activities. (Somehow there is also time to have some fun together!)
  • 2) How expensive valentine chocolate strawberries are!
  • 3) When it comes to putting together a nice and quick chocolate recipe, I should listen to my kids more often.


  • Ingredients: Chocolate, hard chocolate to microwave (store-bought, of course)
  • Instructions: Clean the strawberries. The leaves may be handy for hand-picking. Dry them with a paper towel. Follow the hard chocolate directions for melting the chocolate. When melted, immerse the strawberries half way through into the container of chocolate dip.



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