Chai & Chai – Presents Guest Chef ..

IMG_20140116_201003_055 (1)Offering a fascinating concept, at the heart of the University of Colorado Medical Campus in Aurora Colorado, Chai & Chai stands out as the unique place to eat. Enas (from Jordan) and Kublai (from India) opened this world stage where Chefs from every corner of the world prepare authentic ethnic cuisine for lunch. For dinner one can rely on Indian and Arabian cuisine always.

IMG_20140116_201020_151 (1)

That said, the menu is “open”, but the theme is shared. Zucchini was the theme when I went to try them out. I was fortunate to eat Kusa-bil-laban and my husband had an Indian delight also made with zucchini. Tikka Masala and Dum Biryani were also part of our delicious feast!




Kublai explained that the origin of the name derived from the fact that while these two cultures are filled with rich lifestyle and language differences. Chai is the one word that brings them together. Both Indian and Arabian cultures enjoy Chai tea usually at the same time of day, and often.

For dessert they brought us Jilebi (Indian funnel cake) and a delicious Arabic sweet treat, Asabea Zenab.



The poster at the door announced an upcoming Thai event with Chef Sue of Siam. This Thai chef would be showcasing a 6-week program exploring Thai cuisine at lunch time. Among the dishes announced were: Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Massaman and Green Curry, Spring and Egg Rolls.

I was pleased with the food and the service, but most of all, with the family atmosphere. A family (Mom and Dad) behind the kitchen waved hello, as their son prepared a wonderful, fresh, warm Naan bread for us.


I would gladly go back and hopefully in time to taste Sue of Siam’s Thai cuisine or the next guest Chef. As Kublai explained, Chai and Chai is an ongoing project not at its 100% yet. If you want to know more about them, their website has cool pictures and Kublai keeps it updated with featured Chef’s information. I hope I can get to visit Chai & Chai again (; I truly enjoyed every bite! 🙂


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