Salad Recipe Collection – Roasted Corn and Asparagus Salad – 3 of 5


Roasted Corn and Asparagus Salad. The secret to this salad is grilling the corn and the asparagus separately and (hopefully) having all ingredients ready to mix in the salad at the same time. This is a very easy salad; You will get the spicy freshness of the radish, the texture and sweetness from the roasted asparagus and corn. You will not need dressing. The corn and asparagus bring the perfect amount of seasoning and oil to the salad.


1. Grill or saute (in a hot pan) the corn with salt and pepper.


2. Mix lettuce and sliced radish in a bowl.

asparagus_corn_salad23. Get the sautéed (or grilled) corn and asparagus ready to mix with the lettuce and radish.


4. Mix all ingredients and enjoy.



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