Ham with Eggs


Yes. “Ham with Eggs”, not eggs with ham. The star ingredient is the ham. This easy recipe is perfect for cold winter mornings (and all other seasons too.) It’s perfect for one or for a family crowd. Simple,  balanced in flavor, inviting, calling out: “HOME!” (Hint: This recipe works best using non-stick pans.)

1. Add 1/2 tablespoon of butter to a hot pan. Add 1 to 3 slices of honey ham cut into pieces and keep the pan going at medium heat.


2. Beat some eggs and add them to the pan. Consider adding 1 egg per person.


3. Let this marvelous yet simple ‘ham with eggs’ combination take its course. Lower heat to medium low half-way through, until done. Add salt to taste.


4. Serve! Take the pan to the table (my preference..) Or transfer to a serving plate.


Enjoy with some bread and hot coffee.. For breakfast or brunch, a flavor to enjoy relaxing at home.. 🙂



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