Easy Step by Step Skillet Lasagna




IMG_4479This Easy Skillet Lasagna is another perfect comfort food after long work/school days, at least in my family. It’s very easy and it’s best with fresh mozzarella, home-made marinara sauce and home-made bechamel sauce. Here are the steps.

1. Start with a base or roux (butter, flour, salt and pepper) at medium low heat. This will be the base for the bechamel sauce.

IMG_44552. Add milk to the roux and mix frequently on low medium heat. When you obtain a semi thick consistency you have your bechamel sauce ready. Set aside.

IMG_44573. Prepare a marinara sauce at home or use your favorite marinara sauce from the store (nothing wrong with that.)

IMG_44584. Brown the beef well, seasoning with salt, pepper and oregano.

IMG_44595. Stack the lasagna layers on a skillet. Start with marinara sauce.

IMG_44626. Add a layer of oven-ready lasagna and beef.

IMG_44637. Add a layer of marinara sauce and cheese.

IMG_44648. Add another layer of oven-ready lasagna.

IMG_44659. Add a layer of beef, sauce and cheese.

IMG_44668. Add another layer of oven-ready lasagna, more beef, more marinara sauce, then bechamel sauce and cheese.

IMG_4467 IMG_4468


9. Cover


IMG_4470When it’s ready it will be saucy and bubbly. Take it off from the stove and let it rest for 10 minutes. I serve directly from the skillet on the table. IMG_4473 IMG_4475



Enjoy with some french bread!



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  1. James says:

    I tried the recipe and the lasagna is perfect! Thanks a lot.


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