Give Directly. Commemorating one month of My Food Stories

cgena sunset

A month has passed since I started this blog. Thinking about how to commemorate this milestone, I decided to dedicate this post to “Give Directly” , a foundation helping families in Kenya. You can now reach GiveDirectly ( ) from my blog main page, under Blogroll.

Back on August 23, I had listened to an NPR show with this news ( The founders are Harvard and MIT economic development students completing advanced degrees. At the time, they were studying and learning about mobile banking in developing countries. They had found a simple way to make secure and cost-effective donations to the poor, therefore creating GiveDirectly as a way to transfer their own money. Their mission is to give to the poorest possible households at the lowest possible cost. I was struck with this simplicity. More importantly, they have no personal financial stake in this organization, and all their time is volunteered. So I reached to that team and asked for a link agreement so I could invite my followers and readers to visit that site. They replied with a “yes” and confirmed that they rely on people like me who are willing to help without expecting any financial retribution. I was even happier after that response.

There is some connection between GiveDirectly and my blog. Through this blog I want to give back in a simple and direct way also, referencing what connects us all: Daily life, caring for one another, being there for someone we care about. Sometimes this can be through remembering, giving hope in the middle of our sometimes normal and other times chaotic lives.

We can always choose to make a positive impact on someone else’s life. There will always be someone near or out there waiting for our help. Try it out. It can give us an unexpected sense of purpose.


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