Spooky Apples!




Thanks to my kids, we spent last Saturday with some Spooky Apples! 🙂

This week many K-8 schools are all about “Fall Parties”, “Trick or Treat Day” and “Costume Parades.” Kids will be wearing their costumes and will enjoy fun crafts and activities. In anticipation of all the excitement, my kids organized an “Apples Costume Parade” at home. We started with a couple of store-bought apples, pumpkin and spider web candy apples. After completing the inventory of needed ingredients my kids set out to dress their small apples in Zombie, Frankenstein and Spider costumes.

As I share this, I will include some tips, in case you want to try this at home.

Tip: Use small apples. When the product is finished, it’s easier to eat. Leaving a half eaten apple will not be too appealing as its color will start to turn brown quickly.

1. Wash well



2. Have an adult help by cutting both ends of the apple removing the seed end sections as best as possible.


3. Cut the bottom part, as it will help to keep the the dressed apple standing.


4. Insert skewers on one of the ends of the apple.

IMG_4409 IMG_4416

5. Dip the apple in (store bought or home made) caramel. Continue spreading the caramel around with a spoon.

IMG_4417 IMG_4419

6. Costume time.

Frankenstein: Here below my kids are putting on sprinkles, gummy worms and black and orange decorating gel for the Frankenstein costume.

IMG_4421 IMG_4422

Zombie: Chocolate sprinkles, black and red decorating gel for the Zombie costume..









Spider: Black decorating gel and many gummy worms for the Spider costume.

IMG_4432 IMG_4433

They’re really not that scary, just a lot of fun…



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