From Political Science to Executive Chef. A career change success story!

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Located in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira’s home town, and just two blocks away from the Buena Vista Mall, is Peru Caribe. Owned by Rosario Yacaman, this is a fusion-less Peruvian restaurant. Rosario graduated in Political Science, and performed top-level executive roles at prestigious private and public institutions throughout her successful career. Her Colombian/Middle Eastern roots inspired her ongoing passion for food. Her daughters were fortunate to have Rosario providing them comfort, love and support through food as they faced challenging events. Today, years after Rosario’s career change, a new reality embraces them in this Peruvian restaurant. Rosario’s clients are proud to enjoy the fruits of talent and entrepreneurship this bold, courageous Chef brings to Barranquilla. The restaurant was originally opened by Raul Vega, native Peruvian. Raul met Rosario and followed her to Barranquilla. He fell in love with her beauty, charm and wit. They worked together to build Peru Caribe. Their relationship ended but Rosario valiantly moved forward and continued to trademark her soul into Peru Caribe while continuing with her commitment to deliver a fusion-less menu. Watching Rosario at her restaurant, she welcomes guests herself and she explains how each dish unveils magnificent layers of flavors. The Peruvian cuisine owes its uniqueness to five major influences: Colonial Spain, Japanese, Chinese, African and native Peruvian, including Inca, cultures. Peruvian staples have been in our markets for a long time: Corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, etc. Other Peruvian cuisine key ingredients remain unfashionable and inaccessible. For this reason, Rosario travels to Peru to stay true to its roots and ingredients. Among many options you can choose: “Chicha Morada” (refreshing corn-based drink), “Arroz Chaufa” (inspired in the worldly recognized Asian fried rice) or “Ceviche” (raw fish marinated in citrus juices). The pictures above: Ceviche, Pulpo al Olivo  and Picante de Mariscos are courtesy of Peru Caribe.  Vivi, Rosario and Cami (in the picture above) are the welcoming faces of Peru Caribe, a true Peruvian experience in Barranquilla.


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  1. Viviana Guzmán Y. says:

    La mejor comida Peruana en Barranquilla! Los invitamos para que prueben las delicias de la mejor gastronomia del mundo!!!


  2. Angie says:

    love your food stories!


  3. Peruvian Food Lover says:

    Visit us in Barranquilla! We make the traditional Peruvian food, with all the right ingredients.

    Come and experience a mixture of flavors that you´ll never forget!


  4. I traveled from California USA to Colombia excites to try out this peruvian cuisine that i has read about before boarding the plane for my travel.Peru Caribe did not disappoint, I had the ceviche corvina and a lomo saltado pisco sour . I left full and happy…can’t wait for my next trip to Barranquilla.

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    1. Glad to know that you’ve been there and you liked it! 🙂


  5. Michael zalsos says:

    Im inspired by your story. Im also a political science graduate and has a management sales job previously. But FandB got me into and working now in a restaurant. Talking to guests with different nationalities and with varieties of topics of conversation from food ingredients to diplomatic relations you name it. I think such degree help me but i have lots to improve in fandb industry.

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    1. Thanks for your comment!


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